Is that calculation true?

is that calculation true?
I mean is this numbers right?,800&CostPerkWh=6&MiningPoolFee=1

No, Good luck getting enough cards to actually have 1 GH/s let alone the power… plus the numbers under your power consumption are way off…

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If you mean are they realistic, no. The site probably shouldn’t allow GH/s as a unit for Zcash and other Equihash coins.

just change the GH/s accordingly to what you really have and also the other values like cost per KWh, power consumption

Just to put things into perspective here…

You would need 1,388,889 GTX 1080 Ti’s (at 720 H/s each) to hit 1 GH/s. Which would be around 347,222,250 Watts (at 250W each). If you use the correct power consumption and based on your cost of KWh, you will find that you would actually be losing money…an extreme amount of money. That isn’t even taking into account the cost of all those 1080 Ti’s.

In case anyone is curious, in Canada a 1080 Ti hovers around $1000 CAD. So it would cost $1,388,889,000 to buy all of those 1080 Ti’s.

Who’s in? :wink:

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And on top of that, even someone or a group would have the money to buy the cards… good luck to them finding the cards in stock :smiley:

do you know a reliable Zcash calculator?

CryptoCompares calculator is pretty accurate.

To calculate this estimate there is no rocket science behind, it’s pretty straight forward and pretty much all calculators you can find will have really close values (all depends on update times[ex: every min, 2 min, 5 min,…])