Want a new 3000h/s RIG for Zcash

hello friends,

i want to mine zcash and want 3000 h/s. please guide me how to build and components details. new in mining need your guidance.

Hi where are you from? might want to sell mine 5x1080ti

This one here is a good catch if you’re in the US - https://www.ebay.com/itm/222717768772?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

Sorry for the shameless self promotion :slight_smile:

I am from India. How much of your RIG? specification with the hash rate? and I want to set up multiple RIGs.


Hello, i really loved your RIG. but if I say I want 50 cards set up. EXPLAIN TO ME HOW MUCH SOL/S I WILL GET AND POWER AS WELL HOW MUCH ZCASH I WILL MINE,


Just go on over to whattomine.com and plug in what you want to do. It will tell you which coin is best and how much you can expect to make as a ballpark.

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thanks . it really helping me. but if has any other information about mining please share, I am thinking to do mining with multiple RIGs.

Thanks AGain

First you need to figure out what coin you want to mine (sounds like ZCash which is why you’re here), then you need to figure out what is the best card to use.

Things to determine that include: cost of card, hashrate of card, efficiency (how much power it needs to get that hashrate), and availability of GPU

This site has a list of GPUs with their mining speed compared to cost and it only lists cards that are currently available right now. https://www.pyramidreviews.com/cryptocorner/mining-gpu-speed-and-price-comparison/

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6x1070 g1 gaming - average 2850sol, 50c, 80% power

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Can you share your after burner over clock for these G1? I have same cards(gigabyte) but I get 435-450 sol, not close to your 475 sol @50C/80 power.