Is the alphabay announcement being suppressed?

as-far-as i know; was a legit announcement …this is one of the biggest news stories for ZEC, and no coverage. know this isn’t considered a good announcement by some, but the shadow broker stuff is small potatoes, and there’s pages of articles. weird!

I’ve searched alot and it’s very quiet about the adoption…almost like some1 payed ppl off to not write about it on news sites and bloggs…strange.

At least the user’s of alphabay might find out how great zcash is and the word goes around that way. :zcash::heart:


If we don’t see any most articles in next weeks, one of us should reach out to wired’s main reporter who covers this area 0xF05B75CA, and motherboard 0x34F2D56C who is the only known reporter to have got the exclusive with TSB. DDW also worth a shot 0x6F60BCCE. Maybe even @nickbilton from Vanity Fair, even if he’s a sensationalist tool!


@zyloc, @kek, @louisw420, either one of you hit up the aliens or we have a lurker:
Now we wait for the others :wink:

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seems-like the author of that piece is bummed-out about this great news!

found another one! much better piece, imo! believe this news will start to be reported now !!

side note : ) JP …i’m sure you lurk here …it’s ‘Zcash’

If they detailed their concern such as that of the trusted setup I’d get it.
They’re vague though. No specifications why, aside from “oh look its a company”, “companies are bad”.

Thanks, for sharing, just parsed it.
It was showing promise until i hit "there will be an Ethereum mixing service launching soon. By using such a mixer, users can effectively anonymize their Ether payments. ".
Mixing should be optional but anyoe serious about their anonymity should never use it solely by itself.
The caveats have been outlined now by times I’ve now lost count; mixing alone is more harmful than good.

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