this is huge news! not sure why the forum is the only place you’ll read about XCAT transfers between ZEC-BTC - very exciting! should be plastered everywhere!!! this community needs to sell our product a little better, or at-least raise awareness. also, needs more trolls. the fact BTC is working with ZEC is huge. community needs to be whipped into shape, imo!

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screwed the link-up, but think you get my point.

HTLC is for XCAT (i believe), and great job; i’ll read your posts!

go-back through the github, you’ll see this project has support from BTC devs. XCAT is coming for BTC, and ETH… (I think)

if i’m reading this stuff right… will happen sooner-rather-than-later… give me a second! i’ll dig-up some of the more spicy comments from BTC devs that i believe are in support of this.