Alphabay now implements zcash

Alphabay hasn't enabled it just yet. maybe later today.

idk I don't use it but I thought that it was a good idea to share it.

Me neither, but checked it out a while ago out of curiosity

are there any news about alphabay implementation of zcash for now?
Later news on alphabay said, 1. july it starts, but as i can see, it is not done till now?

Zcash is listed on alphabay but you can't use it yet

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Has anyone news regarding ZCash on Alphabay? When will it be useable?

Well AphaBay has been down for the past 11 hours. Some are saying it is due somehow to Zcash and some are saying it's has exit scammed. I guess time will tell. I will try to update.

looks-like they'll be back soon and this large vender seems happy about the "zcash update due by thursday" i have no special info, but believe some real neat ZEC innovations will come from DNMs.

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okay but do you think that people will se zec over btc? because btc they know and they know how to got it easy.

bitcoin's public ledger is an open ledger. people will figure-out what that statement means when the wrong people come knocking at their doors.

also - yes, because XCAT

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Kek constantly droppin that knowledge ! Thanks for the update

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In the past they've been down for longer than this and the panic wasn't this off the scale.
Thank you reddit for yet again continuing to prove your worth shilling this FUD garbage and our forever sinking low standards media outlets echoing the chambers as per usual :cry:

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So.... anyone want to share what is happening to Alphabay?

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Exit scam............


I thought they were just under maintenance. But that is what I have been hearing a lot of. There isn't any proof though that they are actually exiting.

well they are not sure I heard somewhere that they have been longer offline in the past

When you look at the subreddit there are some guys claiming to have evidence that the admins have been doxed while they where down, and then just decided to run off with the money. I'm not very good at the whole fact checking on this situation.
And as it has been a week now, so I think they will not be returning.

Not that I care. I was only hoping that the zcash implementation would give it a serious boost on value.

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Same here .

It would have had a " Monero effect "