Is this a good first mining rig? Can you dual mine zcash with sia?

I am planning on building my first mining rig, with 8 GTX 1050ti’s. It will use a Seasonic flagship prime 80+ platinum 800W ,celeron processor, 4GB ram, and the Asrock h110 pro BTC LGA board. Are there any changes I could make to make the system cost less to build or increase efficiency?

What would be the best software to run, and can I dual mine with siacoin?


The 800W PSU (Power Supply Unit) will not work for more than the CPU/MB and 2 maybe 3 GTX Card. You will need at least another PSU and make sure you daisy chain them.

Also it is recommended (but not mandatory at all) 8 GB… I think this is more a driver from NVIDIA/AMD rather than a must, but if you are buying RAM, why not buy the recommended one?

GTX 1050ti and ASRock H100 are great choices.