Start Mining zcash, Help Please!

hey there everyone

i would lke to know if there is a guide for mining zcash.
i want to start with $3000 for the whole system.

Any Help is appriciated
Happy Mining

My configuration is:
Videocard GeForce GTX 1060 G1 Gaming 6GB (x4)
Risers PCI-E to 1x version 006 (x4)
HDD WD 1Tb blue (x1)
RAM GoodRam 4gb (x2)
CPU Amd FX 8300 with cooler Zalman Performa 10x (x1)
Motherboard ASUS M5A97 R.2.0 (x1)
Power Block CHIEFTEC 1000W (APS-1000CB) (x1)

Operating System Windows 10 x64 Pro
Miner EWBF 0.3.4b + my own autorun script

For me working fine, speed 1300 Sols/s.
Month profit near 200$ (electricity cost 0.05$/Kwh)

It is my computer for work and zcash farm both.
Maybe soon I will update my motherboard and take more videocards.
Or what do you want to know?

Just buy this computer, install soft, press 1 button - profit :slight_smile: It is really simple!

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Where are you located? Your electricity is very cheap :slight_smile:

True! I`m from Ukraine

I wish I live in Ukraine as well. I am paying a lot more and I can only hope it will pay off in the future.

Seattle here, .07/kwh

not to shill EthOS; but the less overhead you carry the better off you are.

i’d say a H170 pro gaming or TB250 BTC board ($80-120)
celeron 3930 ($40)
4 gb ram ($40)
ethOS on a USB stick ($40)
that puts you at $240.

Case - $150 (390)

give your self $240 for best p/s possible - (630)

then you have $2300 for GPU’s.

for ZEC - (sol range)
1080 ti (700-800)
1080 (500-550?)
1070 (410-480)
1060 6g (290-350)

if you can get the 1080 TI’s… you will run out faster (3 GPU’s)… but you’ll be more economical.

have fun!


this is perfect my friend thanks a lot

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