JavaScript address generator for Zcash

We have many JavaScript based address generator for Bitcoin, e.g., etc. But, is there any JavaScript based address generator for Zcash? I think, one would be great as there are many non-miner Windows users who want to buy Zcash very early from miners, but can not do so in absence of a Windows wallet.


That’s a fantastic idea. Any such tool available yet?

I guess, everyone is busy in mining to book quick profit. No one bothers about Zcash in the long run.

This could have been a good project.

Private keys generated by’s code work fine as input to zcashd’s importprivkey command, to control an associated t-address.

But, how do you get the matching t-address, short of doing that import and noticing which new t-address appears in the output for getaddressesbyaccount ""?

Well, there is a process for converting a Bitcoin 1-address into corresponding ZCash t-address, as controlled by the same private key.

Inspired by @Voluntary’s C-code for such a conversion, I’ve made a Nodejs version that’s viewable/runnable on the web in a notebook at See:

Bitcoin 1-Address to ZCash t-Address

Read the caveats there carefully before using the notebook or associated web-service to create t-addresses

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I ran the following…

Getting the following error…

“error”: “invalid_server”,
“message”: “The requested document does not export an ‘endpoint’ function. Read more about endpoint: RunKit: Endpoint Documentation

Oops! When I added the demonstration of inline-use – ‘INSERT_BITCOIN_ADDRESS_HERE’, an error for people to correct in their own cloned notebooks – I broke the ‘endpoint’ export.

It should be fixed now, in version 1.0.4:
=> t1StbPM4X3j4FGM57HpGnb9BMbS7C1nFW1r

I made the request a few times before on the forum, but since this is getting very close to what I’m looking for I’ll do it once more…

Please add Zcash to the universal paper wallet generator (javascript) GitHub - MichaelMure/


Hi there,

Do you know how easy it would be to get this script running completely offline? I’m not sure how to get the dependencies working…