Jaxx wallet vs freewallet

i have been using jaxx wallet for my mining earnings but i have seen some posts online that have made me concerned about how good jaxx is. I also have a freewallet account and was wondering whether I should use that or just stick with jaxx. though freewallet may be even worse. what should i use? thanks!

I have read that you most definitely should NOT use Jaxx wallet to receive mining payouts as it is a ‘lightweight’ wallet, and doesn’t cope well with frequent small transactions.

Are you unable to set up a full zcash wallet?

Ok. I should be able to. What is a good one called?

This is the wallet for windows mentioned by the official zcash site:


Have you looked at the official getting started guide?

Legolessed, please let us know whether you had any issues with your Freewallet account, we’d be glad to assist you.

There was news some months back that the PC version of the Jaxx wallet had been hacked and a user lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of crypto. Someone showed the exploit with a suggestion on how to fix, and the company’s official public response amounted to basically, “don’t tell us what to do”.

Because of this I will never use a Jaxx wallet.

If you’re going to mine or store any significant amount of crypto, and you don’t want to be hacked/robbed, you need a hardware wallet. I personally use a Ledger product, but there are other great solutions out there.