Bitmain Z9 Mini Mining Wallet

Hi everyone.

Hope all is well. I’m new to the mining community and I started mining ZCash around 10 days ago with a Bitmain Z9 Mini.

I was wondering if anyone can assist me please.

I need to get some advice on what’s the best ZCash mining wallet service to use for mining ZCash with the Z9. This wallet is what I’ll enter in the AntPool Z9 dashboard settings where I get daily payouts after my miner works for the day. (A fixed Daily earnings wallet)

I’ve been mining with the Z9 for around 10 Days and I’m really happy with the results but unfortunately I signed up for a Jaxx Account which I entered my Jaxx wallet key in the Bitmain settings not realizing that the Jaxx wallet key is changed daily :sob: and as such I lost around 3 days of payout. Only yesterday I realized my error. I guess that comes with being a newbie!!

Can anyone be so kind to advise me on a daily mining wallet service that I can use for the Z9 to mine and payout into daily and then I can transfer the accumulated daily payout from the mining wallet into my Jaxx wallet for safekeeping.

I’ve sent numerous emails to Bitmain and a few places out there but no luck.

I just need some guidance on the best way to move forward so I won’t have to keep changing the payout wallet settings on the Bitmain Z9 dashboard on AntPool daily.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

For wallets see here:

Regarding Jaxx, I haven’t personally used it but I imagine (assuming it is the legitimate Jaxx wallet) you are mistaken about your funds being lost. It is common in wallets to avoid address reuse (for perceived privacy benefits) so a new address is generated but you can still send to older addresses and the long story short if you have the private keys to the address you were sending to then the funds are secured. For the address in question can you see the funds on an explorer say

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Jaxx doesn’t like it when you mine there, it’s a small wallet and the mining rewards cloak it up, if you send, you have to send bigger rewards. like in 1 time like 0.5 sec.

IF this happens, Jaxx will not work, you then have to use another wallet and use the key from Jaxx, then you can send again :wink: And with key I mean your pass fhrase from Jaxx

All funds are secure, I use the key from Januari still no problems :slight_smile:

bitmain wont help its not there service i wend to coinomi and then jaxx but you can do it the otehr way round
on all wallets you need to write down pass phrase or lose you bitcoin if you forget it incase you should ever need to install a wallet

I have been using Zcash Freewallet as the cashout option with my Z9 mini.

No complaints, seems to be working good.

Hello, this my first post. I greet everyone…so i just want talk about the wallet i’m using: Cryptonator. It works, ti charges zcash every second, the only problem is the can’t get withdrawals to your bank.

If you arent running your own full node in a VM or container you’re leaving yourself very vulnerable

Whad do you mean exactly with VM or container?

virtual machine. Or docker container. ie I don’t recommend running it on the base operating system/baremetal. But that’s just me and that’s just one layer

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I mine to a pool, not in my system.

And you take your payouts to a wallet. If you don’t run a full node, you’re doing it wrong.

I think this is a safe way, don’t know otherwise at the moment. This wallet doesn’t allow me to withdraw less than 1000 $, and this is disappinting me.

Then the wallet you are using is horrible / scam / bull$h!t…

Absolutly. Best move now is to stop mining to that wallet and accept your loss.

Choose a wallet where you keep the private key.

Yes it is, have to wait until reach 1k $ and then can get out…

One local guy relied on his fund there and very disappointed for not able to withdraw it without reaching $1k.

Yeah, me too, and when you’ll be able to withdraw they collect 50$ fee. But the biggest problem is the downprice of Zac in this time. I’m thinking to stop mining.