Josh S. on DCN Podcast

At 45:50, @joshs mentions the time it takes to sync a wallet, an issue that has been with us forever. I have suggested something to actually solve this, which @hanh said it wouldn’t work but did not elaborate for some reason, so I personally still think it may be worth exploring this method:

Again, the idea is flexible, but imagine a sync that happens every day at say 3am, when you are both plugged (no battery usage), and on WiFi (no cellular data usage). From there, if a transaction needs to be done at any point during the day, it should be a few seconds on sync at most.

Also, at 41:37 regarding the “hardware” exploration, @joshs you may find this chain specific wallet: (some more details on this video @ 39:40 ) - I like this idea of a wallet made for Zcash, although I have no idea how costly that would be.

Now that I have finished the entire episode, I want to add that I am super thankful for this great and super interesting interview of Josh, thanks Joël Valenzuela!