Moderation feedback

It’s good but it’s important to do more, when possible.

In many cases, it’s just not black or white. I’ve had a message recently reported as off-topic. I put it back without changing anything because I strongly believed it had its place. Result is that a good, positive, you might say useful, conversation ensued.

Second, you need to place yourself in the shoes of people who see their messages hidden when they actually intend to be respectful: it’s frustrating and affects the motivation to participate. I’m sure you understand this and I know it is not easy to be a moderator.

For those reasons, it is also important to, somehow, explain to the potentially offending user why there may be an issue with their message. It may take more time but that’s how we grow a respectful and harmonious community. Obviously, straight abusive behavior is different.

@joshs I’ve expressed this in the past and I’m sure we’re on the same page: one absolutely critical aspect of a successful crypto ecosystem is its community. We’re way smaller than we should be. My reference points for healthy, constructive, smart debate:

We’re far, far, from this at the moment. Yet, we definitely need to get there to get to our goals.