JPMorgan and ETH based blockchain?

Wait wasn’t it Zcash engineer’s that helped build this? @daira @Shawn @paige


You are correct

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Yes, Zcash helped incorporate zkSNARKs onto Quroum (JP Morgan’s corporate blockchain)

EDIT: but I don’t see mention of “Quroum” in the article, could be an omission or a different version of Quroum.

They may have parted ways with quorum, interestingly enough it came shortly after Baldet did too

The article does actually mention that the blockchain it’s referring to is based on Quorum:

First deployed by JPMorgan in October 2017, the Interbank Information Network began as a blockchain experiment to minimize the participants and friction typically involved in a global payments transaction. The blockchain is developed using Quorum, an Ethereum-based private blockchain developed by JPMorgan in partnership with development studio EthLab.

I don’t know to what extent they’re using the ZSL on Quorum prototype we implemented.