June 26, 2017 - Dev update

First of all, thanks for your patience this week: this dev updated was delayed due to insufficient Internet on my part. This will be another short update due to priority on last week’s releases.

Last week we released 1.0.10 and a subsequent hotfix release 1.0.10-1. Everyone is encouraged to update to 1.0.10-1 and ASAP if you had already updated to 1.0.10.

Most of the week went into testing and reviewing PRs for the normal new release with Friday being spent diagnosing a problem introduced in that release where 1.0.10 nodes were not connecting to other versions risking a network partition.

We also focused some time on another HF0 meeting where we discussed miner signaling mechanisms and how necessary they are (#2286). We also reviewed a more general activation plan (#2451) including deprecation of pre-1.0.9 versions which do not include the auto-senescence feature and giving node operators sufficient lead time and visibility for upcoming hardfork.

Progress was also made on centralizing general documentation and improving the website flow for more mainstream users who most likely do not want to install the official Debian client. Relatedly, we launched Japanese translations for the Zcash website: Jack Gavigan on JP Morgan and Disintermediation - Zcash

We also completed the first stage of the UX research which has the eventual goal of helping to improve usability across the Zcash ecosystem by offering third-party developers guidelines and standards. Details on this first stage will be released as a blog post in the near future.

The next update will be on normal schedule this Friday!