Just An Idea or maybe a thought

As ethereum have developed so much of their code base like introduction of a new coding language and IDE softwares maybe something like that should be introduced in zcash (keeping the privacy intact) can it be done ?

Why? What they do is working well and will work better when the upgrades come out. What end does it serve by redoing everything all over again?

i’m not saying that they are not working well all i’m saying is that maybe developing a new language like solidity new areas could be opened to new developers and like ethereum smart contracts maybe zcash can enter the corporate sector opening to businessmen in a friendly way, as in my opinion zcash has not wavered in its promise of keeping privacy the utmost priority. it could help in more adoption worldwide, create more innovation for everyone.

Why not wait that the others figure it all out and then start working from there?

Smart contracts will eventually come for zcash.

If your interested in secret smart contract your should look into enigma.
If your interested in other “smart contract languages” you could look at vyper (https://github.com/ethereum/vyper) for ethereum. If your a javascript master, there is LISK, that has a javascript interface for smart contracts (easy peasy).

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John i’m not talking about that you didnt got the point brother, and i will look into all those things you said thanks for the info, but i’m saying is that maybe all the things happening on ethereum blockchain could be started on z-cash blockchain thats what i’m saying cuz that would be dazzling.