Smart Contracts

Hi Everyone,

My apologies for asking… I reviewed Introducing Project Alchemy but I do not see a timeline.

Does Zcash plan to release anything with smart contracts anytime soon?

I want the Zcash blockchain for the privacy properties, but I need the smart contracts, too. I’m trying to avoid Ethereum and Solidity.


why so?

There are sooo many alternatives for smart contracts which are already in function and highly performant. EOS is coming soon and if you’ve got some coins you’ll get enough free tx for some super efficient software (consenses in 9 seconds).

zcash has memo field for private tx atm (i believe 500 chars), you could make some simple applications (even complex if you really wanted too).

ATM there are other more valid solutions for dapps, recently (less than 24 hours) zooko stated @consesus that smart contracts are not a priority and after sapling he prefers to invest time and resources on scalability (said with my own words).

Oh, and suggestions:
Lisk, Javascript enviroment
Enigma (secret smart contracts, pretty promising)

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