Just Bought 4 1080TI, what next?

Looking to jump head first into GPU mining. I decided to go with the 1080 Ti founders edition because they seem to be able to be sold for close there original price slightly used (If I find out I really don’t like mining). That being said I have very little idea on what other hardware I should go with to get my 1080’s toiling away in the mines. If this turns out to be a hobby that I would like to continue for awhile I would like to upgrade to 8 1080s. Can anybody point me in the right direction or offer any advice?

hey man welcome to zcash
Did you ever build a PC ?

Yes. I actually already have a 1080 ti sitting in my gaming rig. I am
just not sure about a mother board that supports up to 8 gpus or power
supplies, or what kind of ram and processor to use.

check out this thread

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if these are the single fan cooling GPU’s you are going to see a performance hit due to its inability to cool properly.

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Is it suggested to get fans in the front and back of the rack to pull air across the GPU’s to help each units fans cool?

for these gpus i would advise the additional fans strongly.

You can send them to me! :grin: