Mining Rig - Nvidia Geforce 1080 Ti

Hello guys, I am a new investor coming from Brazil and I am interested in making my own Mining Rig.
I have little knowledge of this, I would like help from you more experienced if it were possible.
I wanted to mount a Rig with 5 1080 Ti cards, however referring to all the other parts that is necessary for the operation of a Rig I do not know.
Anyone who can help me about this I thank immensely.

Ps: I’m new to the forum, sorry if I can not post anything related to this.

Have a nice day! :grin:

Im pretty new too, but you don't need a super crazy processor and tons of ram - the basics are good (Pentium + 4GB). Get a small SSD for fast boot/load.

The main things you need to worry about are PSU and Mother Board. You want to make sure you won't have a ton of issues getting all 5 GPUs to work. I've only gotten 1 board of mine to work with 5 cards. All others are smooth with 4 but give me problems with 5.

For PSU you'll need something to handle all the W from the 1080ti's I'd say you should get something like a 1600W PSU for that.

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Hey I’m pretty new to mining too but know a lot about hardware and can help get you started :slight_smile: Each 1080 ti will use 250w of power. So minimum power supply required would be at least 1500w to cover the entire rig. You can use one or two smaller power supplies for this. You need a Motherboard with 5 pci express slots (x1 or x16) then you need 5 x pic 1x to 16x risers to connect all cards to the one Motherboard. Not much ram is needed, 8GB is fine, celeron or Pentium cpu is fine too. Install Windows 10 on an SSD or HDD. Once up and running you need a digital wallet with a t address (I’m using Jaxx). And then you download the mining software. Once a .bat file has been edited correctly you’re good to go… I know far more detail is needed for this so add me on Facebook (Patrick langbridge - only one person will come up) and I can take you through what hardware to buy.

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Thanks man, this helps a lot!

Patrick, thanks for the words, I added you on facebook! I was seeing it here and it looks like ASUS PRIME Z270-A would work, right? My concern for being a little lay is also the rest of the pieces (cables, among others)

If facebook is better for you, we can talk there! Big hug

Here i just put together a 4 card rig. 1200W PSU is pushing it TBH.

I purchased all the parts so i can add an addition 2-3 cards in the future i just need the cards and another PSU

for 5 cards IMO you will need 2 PSU. 1 will not have the amount of connectors needed. 1080ti is a beast on power. I would not run more that 1 riser per molex personally. people say you can run 2 per and i do with 1070 or RX580. But I don’t trust it on a 1080ti

Not sure the situation in Brazil, but finding the cards, PSU, and mobo are difficult in USA.
Asus Prime Z370-a is a good alternative to the z270. The only problem is the G4900 Celeron have yet to be released (soon) so only CORE processors are currently supported. (only can use 8th gen)