Keep on getting cannot build open cl in claymores miner

Hi, I have 3 rx vega 56’s in my rig, all of them on the amd mining driver, and when I try to run the miner I keep on getting the ‘cannot build open cl’ error and therefore the miner does not run. Please could someone offer a solution. Thanks.

FIRST PROBLEM!! you are using an outdated version… update to 12.6

if that does not resolve the issue then:

What drivers are you using?

post your config file please

(and I am here everyday and this just popped up in unread, so weird!)

Updating has solved the opencl issue but now it just says gpu 1 returned incorrect data. Thanks

Capture 3
my config file

capture 2
my start file

  1. change your connection to -zpool ssl:// - this will not help the gpu issue but will save you 0.5% in claymore fee’s
  2. all of the GPU_ items belongs in your Environment Variables - system variables
  3. since you didn’t put the GPU_ items in the correct place I have to ask did you increase your virtual memory to 16gb?
  4. what version of video drivers are you using? If you do not have the latest version, it’s not going to work
  5. Let me know how that goes…

this is how my virtual memory is set up, and Im on the crimson blockchain driver.

exe stopped this is what stops it from running

okay you have your Virtual memory set up… why is it on your D driver and not the primary drive?

Did you put the GPU items in the Environment Variables - system variables ?

Please tell me exactly what version of drivers you are using, if you can’t answer my questions I can’t help you.

I numbered them for a reason, these are things you should / need to do.

I use the primary drive for windows 10, I am running the crimson beta 15.12 drivers for mining. What do you mean by environment variables- system variables, could you send me a screenshot of what it should look like please?

The miners are installed on the D drive not the primary drive

Finally found your problem!