Let’s talk about ASIC mining


im sorry.

you couldn’t buy any GPU’s, or those what were offered did not meet your price, due to high demand?

And please, let me understand one thing:

So, overpriced GPUs during extra demand, while cryptocurrencies were UP - was frustrating for you? But now, while crypto is down, not UP, like it was in your mentioned period, it is NORMAL that only choice for general public is overpriced asics from resellers?

It was not OK when GPUs sold by reseller, but it is OK after 12 months of cryptowinter, to buy some used\new overpriced ASIC? Right?


neither is ok, just because i mentioned that there was a similar issue with gpu’s than back doesn’t mean i think the current/past asic availability is better, hence i say both issues are not good and favour these that could/can have better access due connections/friends/whatever.

You are trying to put something on me i didn’t claim in my last posts, i just said that there are similar issues than back and that BOTH issues don’t favourize the average joe private miner now and than back.

To make it more clear. I have zero doubt if (fictional) BTC price gets bullish on $30k tomorrow with all other currencies following that in zero time no asics would be available either.


So I have often wondered when someone was going to create an ASIC that was multi algorithm, and it seems one exists and is already for sale since 10/18.

mining 8 algorithms (X11, Quark, Qubit, Myriad-Groestl, Nist5, Skein, X11Gost, Groestl) with a maximum hashrate of 28Gh/s for a power consumption of 1300W.

Algorithm Hash Rate power
x11 28GH/S 1300W
Quark 28GH/S 800W
Qubit 28gh/s 850w
Myriadd-groestl 28GH/S 350w
Nist5 28GH/S 550w
SKein 14GH/S 300w
X11Gost 3.5GH/S 450w
Groestl 28GH/s 450w


just to correct that post a lot as i have a lot of exactly these Baikal X10 Giants and this is just the big brother.

People are mining mostly only with Myriad & Skein due the lowest electricity usage there, thus most profitable after electricity.

The X10 Giant, the little brother with exactly the same algos, just a bit weaker per watt with less hashrate is available for long, since end 2017 allready if i remember right.

So far this was the best asic around, but mostly with its big brother released this ends now as well. The algos don’t provide enough coins anyway with some algos only having 1 or 2 coins on them.

Just a side note and information, not a pro asic post so don’t blame me that such asic is available for longer, lol.


The thing about you is that you have local mindset, because GPU’s are not available in lets say Miami Florida does not mean they are not available in a shop in London England. The ratio of Zcash ASIC availability to GPU’s is a guesstimate about ratio 100,000:1, that is how much Zcash is limiting its PoW.

I don’t know how you can even compare the two it is completely ridiculous unless the aim of Zcash project is founders reward cash out, basically a SCAM and testbed to develop software so they can sell to big companies, it’s SAD.


He speaks the truth. Nothing nadda, zilch available for months (USA). Unless of course you were willing to pay the vultures on Ebay 4x what they were retailing for. Then yes, you could get a few that way…but the ROI would be ridiculous…so not a viable option really. When a store did manage to get some in you had to be fast to lay hands on one, and then it was just “1”, they were seriously limiting them. Resellers? Distributors? Unless you had the bank roll to buy large quantity you weren’t getting into that channel.


you guys speak about horrible 6 months without gpu’s (not true), 4x prices on ebay… 1080ti mspr $750 so i suppose you mean $3000, which is untrue as well.

i admit there was crazy period with crazy demand when prices almost doubled, but gpu’s were avaliable all the way, and they’re avaliable now, when equihash asics for less than 5k - NOT, for a long time (months), while equihash asics are very profitable.


“a SCAM and testbed to develop software so they can sell to big companies” why do you say so? Is there any associated Organization benefiting from the zcash development?


There should be separation for public block chain; conflict of interest.


@nec I get you believe what you think is correct and accurate, but flat out calling folks liars because we do not agree with you is simply excessive. I’m a GPU miner. Maybe “you” could get GPUs where you are at for reasonable prices, but that was far from true “everywhere”. $3000? Who said that 4x the price of a 1070 was 1200-1600 (what a 1080ti was selling for). At the peak of it all people who were not rooted in reality were trying to sell them for that. I’m sure few actually sold, but desperate people = desperate times. I hope everyone one of them lost money to be honest. Price gouging like that is just criminal no matter what the circumstances in my opinion.


it’s difference between your wishes and mine.


True, but the point I was making was I try hard to refrain from calling people liars simply because their view doesn’t agree with my own. It’s just a matter of perspective really. What you see as truth and fact with access and pricing isn’t going to align with what others see. Case in point the argument about ASIC being available to “everyone” is indeed not a universal truth. Yes they are available for order, but availability is sparse, long lead times between batches, etc. Then there is always the special cases where it is simply not possible to get them (thinking about Venezuela).

I get you have not seen the issues others have, but that doesn’t in any way mean they are “lying”. From what I saw there was a 4 month period in my area where you couldn’t even lay hands on a 1060 without paying extortion prices (and they were used), let alone a 1070/1080ti. Now I can walk into a store and see 2070 and 2080 on the shelves. But the boom is over for this cycle.


I don’t think there is “conflicting interest” in a company like JP Morgan starting to use Zcash tech in thier Blockchain. The code that Zcash made for Qurorm is open source, anyone can use it to make your own chain if you want: https://github.com/jpmorganchase/quorum

It shows that Zcash tech is secure enough to be trusted by major Banks, a good boost for Zcashs image.

On legitimizing zk-SNARK tech via enterprise partnerships

Just out of curiousity, how does Zcash profit from this other than some minor image improvement?
As it’s open source i guess not even a license fee was paid, or?

Maybe it’s the wrong topic here, but aren’t we creating competition that way and fail to monetize ZEC dev teams hard work which is paid by miners?


We are going a bit off topic but since it’s a question about conflicting interest (which some seem to think somhow affected the GPU/ASICs decision, which it did not)

I’ll just drop a few links and not push the topic further, feel free to comment in this thread: On legitimizing zk-SNARK tech via enterprise partnerships if you want to continue.


Its a conflict of interest because companies like to deal with whole units i.e. ASIC’s like bitcoin; so it will be in their best interest if there is an incentive for manufactures to develop it for Zcash so what better way than to keep the PoW the same even though it is now not clearly ASIC resistance as promised in launch statement.


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Asic for Grin on it’s way …


So Grin is from start going with 2 algos:
Grin C29 for GPU, currently 1.31 Mgps pure GPU algo, about 75,000 gpu’s
Grin C31 for Asics, currently 15.67 Kgps, seems low end gpu’s are here at the moment, about 15,000 gpu’s

What’s everybodies thought about this approach?


Grin is made ASIC friendly from the start…its not memory intensive which makes easy for ASICs …just like for Zcash they just need GPU miners on the start to make free Hype and Marketing for them


According to Jiang, it is very likely that the virus comes from an overclocking firmware released by an anonymous source.