Let's talk about ........ positive news 😊

This is good news because Zcash is one of the coins in the Bitwise Hold 10 index (because Zcash was one of the top 10 coins according to 5-year-diluted market cap last time they rebalanced).

If an ETF gets approved in the US, it will probably cause more money to flow into whatever coins that ETF offers exposure to (as well as other coins, indirectly). That directly supports the investment/store-of-value use case, but it also supports the payments/medium-of-exchange/financial-inclusion/new-applications use cases by increasing liquidity, distribution, exposure, credibility, and demand.



Not bad, considering it is one of those shallow “check out this asset you could buy!!!” articles. I didn’t see any errors or gaping omissions, and I liked the numerous quotes from people other than me. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


BitGo added Zcash today!


The BOLT prototype code has been published :slight_smile:



This is one of the three more exciting fronts that I’ve been following!

I’m curious if you could comment on the “succinct blockchain” approach by the team at Coda Protocol?

There’s some more detail in this thread Succint blockchains


Totally missed that, thanks Gareth!

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My new favorite view into onchainfx’s “Comparative Cybercoinology Dashboard”: https://onchainfx.com/v/uSNdPr Now using coinmetrics.io’s 's “Adjusted TX Vol”, and “Payment Count” instead of the old “TX Vol” and “Transaction Count”.


I’m not a fan of middle man services. I have a hard time considering this anything more than neutral.

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It’s t-address only I assume. If it supported shielded transactions then it would be more interesting.

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Wow, that author must be able to see into the future :laughing: “ZEC Hashrate Rises 13% One Day Ahead of Sapling Launch” considering Sapling launches on October 28th (25 days from today)

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Yes I also noticed the syntax there!:sweat_smile:

What’s the point of sharing the news here when you can actually make it a thread?

The reason is in the start of the topic. Let’s say we had some negative times, despite the fact there was also a lot of positive news. That’s why I made this topic instead of several posts. The title refers to the Asic thread, but if you missed that, I understand why you don’t understand.

Well, the most positive thing for me now is that spring is coming ahah I’m so tired of these winter days

Got it! Nice! Thanks for explaining!

I think it’s quiet positive that we have a lot of posts from the ECC members lately.

And not only what the ECC thinks, but also what the members on personal title think, I missed that a lot on this forum, I hope that those posts will continue.