Limited supply coin as health savings vehicle

Hi Folks- Curious to hear your thoughts on what we are building and any suggestions about things we should be thinking about. Trying to reduce the “I don’t know what I don’t know” component.

Goal: Design a limited supply coin that acts as a health savings vehicle.


  1. Why would a limited supply coin that acts as a health savings vehicle fail?
  2. With a Zcash fork, what questions should we be asking to determine optimal design for Hippocratic Coin (I’m a simple doctor so thanks for your patience if I’m asking dumb questions)?
  3. What else should I be thinking about?

A little background for context. Our mission is to help patients improve their access to health care and lower their cost of care. We do this through our Hippocratic Coin alternative payment model with “data as a common resource” using blockchain technology and a trusted payment network, without the need for governmental or commercial health care insurance.

Patients and Doctors access our platform using the internet or USSD (for those with feature phones that don’t have internet access). De-identified population level data for non-commercial public health purposes is mapped to IPFS. De-identified population level data for commercial purposes is mapped to Hyperledger Fabric where Data Customers are granted access. The revenue from data customers is shared with patients (to lower their cost of care) and doctors. Payments are with M-Pesa (Kenya’s digital money) in Phase 1 with the addition of our stablecoin (Stellar Anchor) in Phase 2.

Appreciate your time,


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