Seeking feedback re: Grant Proposal_Integrating ZEC into multichain crowdfunding platform

Hello everyone!

My name is Lea and I am posting this on behalf of my team at Charity Impact. Charity Impact provides a multichain platform for individuals and companies to donate to nonprofit organizations (NPO) globally in both fiat and cryptocurrencies. Our goal with this platform is to empower the worldwide charity network through decentralized finance. To date, we have successfully integrated strategies within our platform to allow for donations in fiat and NEAR Protocol. We now wish to enhance our multichain offering by integrating with Zcash. Once integrated, every NPO we onboard onto our platform will have a Zcash wallet automatically generated and managed by our back-end system, which will give the organizations the option of downloading their keys. This allows investors to donate directly to the NPOs in ZEC.

There are currently numerous crowdfunding platforms available for fiat currencies or single cryptocurrencies, and very few multichain solutions. This fragmentation forces charities and nonprofit organizations to create campaigns on multiple platforms, leading to inefficiency and impracticality, and hampers investors’ abilities to source verified charitable projects to which they wish to contribute.

Charity Impact seeks to mitigate this problem by streamlining the fundraising landscape. Using our site, complex fundraising campaigns and donations administration are managed with our integrated project-announcement feature, custom landing pages, widgets and CRM donation tracking, allowing our NPOs to redirect their resources to focus on their core mission. Donors benefit from the platform’s database of verified and legal charities, its offering of various currencies, automatically generated tax receipts, and its updates and reports features, which allows charities to share their accomplishments directly with their investors. Furthermore, our platform aims to empower the worldwide charity network through DeFi. By enabling charities to receive contributions in different currencies, charities can expand their opportunities for financial support.

In order to turn this project into a reality we are seeking funding for the integration which is expected to take a maximum of three months. The project will be developed using PHP integrated with Python. We have already tested our concept through the successful integration of NEAR Protocol into our live site. Our team will now use our existing architecture that is currently running our platform to integrate with Zcash. The total budget of $17 000 USD will provide crucial support to our two developers through the integration process, and will be split over three milestones:

Milestone 1 : wallets/backend
Duration: 4 weeks
Budget: $5 000 USD

  1. Integrating the Zcash wallet;
  2. Integrating the automatic generation of the wallet for each organization.

Milestone 2 - frontend
Duration: 6 weeks
Budget: $10 000 USD

  1. Integrating ZEC into the existing payment form;
  2. Integrating ZEC into the existing donation tracking system and the CRM;
  3. Integrating ZEC into the email system;
  4. Integrating ZEC into the real-time currency evaluation function;

Milestone 3 - final testing and changes
Duration: 2 weeks
Budget: $2 000 USD

  1. Final testing and changes.

Once Zcash has been integrated, every NPO we onboard onto our platform will have a Zcash wallet automatically generated and managed by our back-end system. This allows investors to donate directly to the NPOs in ZEC. Once our site has multiple blockchains integrated, we will migrate our existing charity network from the South American Initiative ( and BeeTogether ( to the new platform. With each wallet and transaction generated through our site, we empower the ecosystem of each integrated crypto-currency and add to the value of the coin itself. By running ads we aim to boost the platform and increase its reach, bringing more people into its ecosystem. These advertising and social media campaigns aim to benefit Zcash as well, amplifying Zcash’s visibility and brand recognition.

Charity Impact has the potential to have a significant impact by reaching a large number of people and providing substantial value to the Zcash ecosystem. As mentioned above, our platform aims to increase activity on the Zcash blockchain, generate new active Zcash wallets with every onboarded NPO, and promote Zcash through Charity Impact’s social media and advertising campaigns. We will also gladly share our integration code, so that other developers can use it to build on Zcash. Furthermore, a blockchain’s involvement in social good is beneficial on multiple fronts. Firstly, it enhances their reputation as responsible actors in the digital landscape. By actively contributing to social causes, blockchains demonstrate their commitment to making a positive impact. Secondly, aligning with social good meets the expectations of an increasingly conscious public. People appreciate and support entities that prioritize social welfare. Finally, the collaboration between corporates and blockchains amplifies their collective ability to drive meaningful change in the world. Together, they possess the potential to tackle global challenges and foster a better future for all.

With its focus on leveraging blockchain technology for transparent and efficient charitable giving, Charity Impact aims to revolutionize the philanthropic sector. For now, we are still in the initial stages. We have recently reached an important milestone, onboarding our first NPO onto our site. We aim to onboard at least 19 more before the end of the year. We also aim to onboard a minimum of six cryptocurrencies before the end of the year. We truly hope that Zcash will be among these six. By investing in Charity Impact, Zcash will be contributing to a project that has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals engage with charitable organizations. With the power of technology and collective action, we can empower change-makers and magnify the impact of charitable initiatives, ultimately creating a more compassionate and equitable society.

Please find our website here,, and our recently launched socials here, charityimpact | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree.

Please let us know what you think, and whether you have any questions, comments or suggestions.




Thank you for your explainer. I tried to donate and noticed that currently no crypto is implemented. What made you choose Zcash as the first crypto to implement?


Hey there @Olek! Please forgive my late reply.

Firstly, thank you so much for engaging with our site and trying to donate. That’s awesome!

We are still ironing out the bugs of our recent NEAR integration. As soon as this is complete, I will let you know, and invite you to please try again.

Our goal is to integrate as many currencies into the site as possible, with Zcash being one of them. We identified Zcash through our research into currencies.

@leachisholm, thank you for your grant submission, the @ZcashGrants Committee voted to reject this proposal at the most recent meeting because it is out of scope for projects ZCG is interested in funding at the moment.