Linux wallet not showing balance, but zchain shows balance

I started a new rig up and mined for awhile now. I am mining on zcash flypool. So yesterday the pool paid out some zec but when run the wallet the balance is still at zero. so i was worried and checked on a zcash explorer and the site shows the balance that was paid out by the pool but is not showing up on the linux wallet.

Does it take longer than a day to show up?

t-address: t1YUMEXLACKFhjsqjyF9az4r8zbxerWmRzY
linux wallet showing zero balance gyazo link
Pool payout gyazo link

I have tried using the commands : listunspent, listreceivedbyaddress 0 true. but they come out with nothing or 0.

is the wallet 100% sync’d?

It can take some time to sync the wallet. Sometimes a long while. Leave Zcash.d running and check your ballance. Should rise slowly by your payout increment.

the wallet was synced at 100 but i guess i had to wait awhile for my balance to show up

If your balance reflects on the blockchain (inspect it using and your node is 100% synced (you can compare your node’s blockheight to that on the site I linked to), then your wallet should reflect the balance. The coins are not “sent” to your local wallet. Your wallet is displaying what is on the blockchain for the addresses it has private keys.