Sent from to zcash wallet, nothing

I sent some currency to my Zcash wallet via and while it shows on my changelly account that each transaction (total of 2 separate) was completed successfully, I have a balance of 0.00 ZEC in my ZCash wallet. I have checked the blockchain and it shows successful transactions as well. I don’t understand what went wrong. My ZCash wallet address is showing confirmed. Can anyone help me out here? Theres about $300 of mine just floating around in blockchain land somewhere, I’d like to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

Check the balance of your address on the chain, is it there? if not contact thier customer service.

Which wallet are you using? Is that wallet fully synced to the chain?

Is your wallet fully synchonised to the blockchain? Lately syncing has been a little slow, possibly due to more intensive transaction activity. The other day I noticed that my up-to-date instance of zcashd just stopped syncing for some reason - probably because of some local network issue… So I had to stop it and restart before it completed syncing.

I’ve never heard of them - I’m just getting back into mining after being out since Bitcoin first came out years ago. But, I looked at their site and prices - wow - $136 to buy one $88 XMR… That markup is crazy. You may want to try Kraken or another site with lower fees if you are buying with fiat currency. I know that is not related to your question, but the 54% fee surprised me.

How do I fully sync my wallet to the blockchain? I have the GUI Zcash wallet, the one where you have to ‘build’ it by moving around directory files and renaming text files. I followed the directions to the T and the wallet seems to be fully functional. The wallet address says confirmed. I don’t know how to fully sync, maybe thats my problem?

I’m not familiar with that program but the developer is most likely on this forum or directly contactable via email. You’re sure to have zcashd somewhere on your computer - if you find out how to start it from the command line, it should provide you with a constantly updating display of its most recently acquired block. Compare that to a zcash explorer like to find out if your local copy of the blockchain is fully syncronised. Actually… I’d expect the GUI of the program you currently use to display its highest block number somewhere…