Linux what can I do?

Ok I’m new to this so where is the best place to buy or download a Linux operating system for a laptop already running windows 10?

I don’t mean to make this any more challenging but one option you have is to first install something like VirtualBox so that you can experiment with Linux and ZCash with less risk of making beginner mistakes that mess up your existing system.

re: Choice of linux distro, I installed Ubuntu so that I could get through the ZCash compile process. Site like might help you make your own choice.

Ubuntu is friendly for those new to Linux, so I recommend installing it inside a virtual machine, so that it won’t affect your Windows 10 system.

You can also download Ubuntu and install onto a USB flash drive, and try out the system that way:

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Thanks for the iinfo

Couquestion i guest a server and try on that? Never mind stupid questioni guess