Would I be able to run zcash from linux on disk-on-key?

I have access to a bunch of physical computers with good stats -

I was wondering if it would be possible, technically, to run linux from a disk on key device (the systems have windows installed on them, but thought about using diskonkey linux@startup (livelinuex)) - And run zcashd and zcash-cli on that linux.

Is such a thing even possible?

Thanks in advance!


It is definitely possible. Like Linux Tails built-in with zcash package on the USB?

I dont think I would need tails specifically but yes, a persistent live linux disk on key (that way i can make changes on it and it will keep them)

afterwards I’m hoping i could clone the disk on key for more computers I own.

Definitely possible, and running from a stick would not affect performances at all. It’s obviously orders of magnitude better than a VM. It you have multiple architectures, be sure to compile in a way the binary works everywhere.

Let us know how it goes, this is an interesting use case! :slight_smile:

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I have run several on ubuntu usb’s. I’d like to make it lightweight as possible and automate the process upon startup. Which linux distro should I use? Is possible to activate on a schedule or remotely?

I think the process can be automated pretty much the same way as it is explained in @Austin-Williams wiki https://github.com/Austin-Williams/zcash-guides/wiki/Guide-to-Mining-Zcash-on-Amazon-EC2

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I think this is a GREAT idea. I’ve got 2 mining rigs right now that I’ve been contemplating installing Linux on to start mining. It would be a lot easier if I could just plug in a thumb drive and off you go. Keep us posted on how it goes!

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The real ‘killer app’ would be a bootable image of say Ubuntu that you can plug in, enter personal mining info and BAM, it starts mining on available hardware.

Think ethOS