Liz Kukka announces her candidacy for an MGRC position

Howdy Ya’all

Liz Kukka here, Exec. Director at Ethereum Classic Labs, excited to announce my candidacy for the Major Grant Review Committee :blush: You can find me on Twitter @Venture_This | Telegram @LizTK

Reviewing startup applications, doing diligence, scoping grant requests or assessing valuations, and working with a committee, is what I do daily both 9-5 + voluntarily with different funds. Why?

Because it’s fun! What’s in it for me? I get to be helpful, get to know the ZCash crew a bit better, meet great startups, and bring some projects to the table. For instance, check-out, a highly technical Snarks team who’s currently looking for funding. Prior to ETC Labs I was at Plug and Play Tech Center where I managed the Insurtech + Enterprise 2.0 startup program globally, so I’ve been doing this for a while.

I’d expect the committee to meet as frequently as bi-weekly and as infrequent as quarterly. I would be able to give about 3-4 hours (+/-)/month volunteering. This might include reviewing and scoring applications in-advance, then meeting to review and making a collective decision. Also, I’m in California (Pacific Time), something to keep in-mind for timezones + calls.

One idea for the structure of the grants program could be to tokenize it. By tokenizing the fund or portfolio, token holders of said fund would benefit a % from all projects within the fund/portfolio. Current ZCash community members might not be as interested, since you’re already committed. But, how about expanding and broadening the community. This model could 1. Increase the number of projects interested in building on ZCash, because of the belief in co-ownership and community 2. Including a token will help build communities around these different projects 3.Its an experimental testbed and future case study for a more democratic, decentralized, co-owned society. 4. Creates an incentive for the broader community to champion the products and services built on ZCash.



Hi @LizBoomLiz ! Welcome to the Zcash Community! :grin:

I have added a link to your thread in the top post of the MGRC Megathread, Good Luck!

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I have one remark, with all due respect

The timing of your application seems to fall within what people have come to conclude : ETC is a zombi project.
In this respect, I’m not sure it would be wise for Zcash to pick people from a failing community. We are looking to BOOTSTRAP the ecosystem, not burry it.

The level of dedication you see “3/4h per month” is extremely low and clearly shows to me that you don’t know what Zcash needs.

Best regards

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@joris, thanks for your concern. I respectfully, disagree.

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Hi Liz! Welcome to the community!

What is your take on the recent shift in the Rust economy?

Do you see a role for the MGRC in developing/supporting the Rust Foundation? Or some other mode of interaction?

I’m looking for ideas here.

Hi @zancas - Completely missed this, apologies for the sluggish reply. I could see the MGRC supporting Rust Foundation if there was a direct connection to Zcash development, say a commitment of time, building a certain number of projects, and even providing support for technical reviews of grant applications - for example.

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Hello @LizBoomLiz For my vote, please answer my questions frankly:

  1. Are you pro BTC? If yes, Why? If not, Why?
  2. What is the largest account size you’ve handled in USD? How many end users did it impact?
  3. MGRC will control 8640 ZEC per month or 25920 per quarter, how will this be roughly spent? (provide napkin calculation).
  4. MGRC announcement attracts 100s of applicants from all over the world with all random ideas, all matching your goals, how would you evaluate them?
  5. KPIs aren’t entirely possible on a privacy preserving payments protocol project’s level, it’s all z2z, how will you evaluate funded team’s impact?
  6. DeFi fever made ETH run 2x compared to every cryptocurrency this year, thoughts?
  7. What locals, regions, languages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds of people have you worked with? What are your preferences of assembling teams that deliver?
  8. We live in a remote world now, how do you evaluate applicants for grants?
  9. Projects in Zcash are going to go through a huge change beyond the handful, driven teams funded via Zcash Foundation, thoughts?
  10. Zcash is a protocol at its core, ZEC price is volatile. How will you handle a single digit ZEC? ($9 x 8640/month = $77,760) How will you handle a 5 digit ZEC? ($21,000 x 8640/month = $181.44MM) Thoughts…