Local Zcash is finally here!

Zcash as we know it is a great cryptocurrency that has grown over time, however an important tool for zcash has been missing for sometime, until now.

Localzcash is a contribution to the zcash community. It allows users trade fiat (usd,euro,etc) in 170 local currencies for ZEC, it supports 257 countries and 9 languages and many other features not available in other peer to peer trading for other coins.

Here is the link:


We need support from the zcash community in promoting this new tool, cause your support is what we need to push this tool to new heights

Here are some cool features of Local zcash:

  1. 257 countries supported
  2. 170 Currencies supported
  3. 28 Payment methods supported
  4. 9 languages
  5. No fees
  6. Escrow Service
  7. Wallet Service
  8. 2 factor authentication for withdrawals and logins
  9. Trade dispute resolution
  10. Live chat between trading partners
  11. Posting of adverts
  12. User reports and statistics based on IP location and trade statistics
  13. Blocking and feedback reviews of users
  14. And many more features

this is great, hope it’s not a scam, we need this!


If you search the phone number you this

The other link has an invalid certificate
May not be pertinent idk (it is an example number)

Zcash is actually not the only crypto currency we support. We actually also support litecoin and bitcoin cash. You can find the link for local litecoin here www.local-litecoin.com. The certification isnt invalid, it was issued by letsencrypt. Please post the link here for thecertificate is infact not invalid

Local BCH Exchange | Post an advert - Local-bitcoincash
https://www.local-bitcoincash.com › post…
not saying it’s a scam but you got to fix this

That error is actually due to a domain configuration error from our end and we apologise for that. We changed the name to www.localbchexchange.com some days ago because we realized there was a domain very similiar to the one highlighted by you. We are programmers and are also humans. a domain mistake doesn’t make this product a scam nor does it degrade or programming skills. We will now correct the issue

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Excellent, 20character

@Autotunafish Thanks again for your observation, that’s the sort of support we need from the community… Anyone else that have questions/concerns, please feel free to ask and we will provide answers

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Getting error 500 here

The link error has been fixed

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Cool, was just reading through all the pages again, its a really neat premise with p2p arbitration especially with stories about people facing serious legal issues related to that (either because unliscensed or laundering), could save some people that headache (normal income taxes still apply obviously), its quite the on-ramp

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Finally, this is awesome! :heart:️:heart:️

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: