Local zec website

Anyone working on one? If not would you use one if it was made?

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What about using OpenBazaar?

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Isn’t OpenBazaar a different sort of thing? Please correct me if I am wrong, but OpenBazaar seems to be a global marketplace where the buyer pays in crypto. If I have cash and want to use OpenBazaar to get ZEC, I think I’d first have to trade my cash for bitcoin and then trade Bitcoin for ZEC. So I have to pay dealer mark-up twice. By contrast, with a “local zcash” site, I could swap my cash for ZEC directly and only have to pay dealer mark-up once.

I would certainly use a local zcash site if zcash ever became a competitive payment option for anything I’d like to buy. But because ECC has concentrated on polishing their shiny tech without regard to whether anyone is using it, while failing miserably at creating the kind of usability that leads to market adoption, that is looking less and less likely.