Looking for a list of peers



Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that our orphan rate is 5.06%, much higher than that of other coins. After some investigation, I found that many of the nodes connected to our server have synced_blocks == -1, and they have weird useragent strings like “bitseeder/[some version].” I wrote a program to automatically ban those peers, but we only have five peers remaining.

Where can I find a list of ZCash nodes to reduce orphan rates?


There is a list of peers updated at:



Thanks for the suggestion, but I already added those peers. We only have five connections to this daemon, while other daemons like Bitcoin SV have 18.

Is it possible that ZCash actually doesn’t have that many peers on the network? If there are more peers, they have to be listed somewhere.


There are many more than that on the network: https://explorer.zcha.in/network

I just don’t know of any other websites that actively list the IPs.


Also, there are lots of CLI networking commands that Zcash inherited from Bitcoin that I believe still work, like