Think we need more public nodes

Maybe its just me but there seem to be more posts regarding sync speeds in the last week.

I think the network is growing fast thanks to ZecWallet & with all these new users spooling up there’s increased demand for public nodes. The number of connections on mine has been high all week (currently 51, spikes to 77).

According to Zchain Network - Zcash Network Visualization there are about 200 public nodes available right now (seen in the last hour), in South America it seems there’s just me & someone in Paraguay.

Port forwarding is easy to setup, maybe a nice ‘howto’ would encourage more users to do it? Seems to be lacking from the official docs (


Just out of curiousity, what was the all time high on public nodes?
Just curious if switching from gpu mining to asic mining as well had an impact on the public nodes count…

More folks installing ZecWallet is the very solution to the lack of nodes. Do you mean we need to encourage more users them to leave nodes up and running?

Almost… I think we need to encourage more people to open their router (port forwarding) so all these new nodes can sync from them.

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Can you please raise a ticket on the documentation about this? Issues · zcash-docs / zcash-docs · GitLab

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Sure…its about time I figured out how to do that :wink:


Done ! (20 chars…)

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Hello everyone, such a question?
There is a video how to do it?