Mac binary for the Swing UI Wallet


I put together a binary OSX bundle of @vaklinov 's UI wallet. First make sure you have ZCash installed on your Mac (instructions by @anon47418038 here Mac binaries and User Guide - #19 by zab ) . Then go to Release Signed OSX bundle with Splash Screen · zlatinb/zcash-swing-wallet-ui · GitHub and grab the dmg.

This should work even if you don’t have Java. if you built ZCash from source, place zcashd and zcash-cli in “/usr/local/bin”.

New in this release

  • If ZCash is not running it will start it
  • It is signed, so there should be no warnings
  • It is a .dmg

Let me know if anything doesn’t work


I’ll be posting a link to a dmg of my zcash port here shortly, sometime this weekend. still struggling with getting a dock icon for zcash without doing an entire app in Xcode (hence my tweet the other night about googling Applescript sigh)

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ETH Wallet 'S UI is better than that. is it Zcash Official UI?
It’s 80’s style…

It’s not official at all, but it’s the only one that exists right now.

Did you get it to run or did you just look at the screenshot on github?

yes, I look that on github。 It’s make me be disappointed。Interface layout and user experience are very poor.
Did Zcash official willing to spend ZEC to design it? I think most people works must better than now version。

In 2016, in the rigorous financial field. some like forum have rubish text by Koreanor Zecwallet user interface is as old as of 80s. I think that the development of zcash is not very good.

If you scroll down the github page it says:

At the present time this project is non-commercial in nature and developed by volunteers.

Feel free to contribute your UI design skills to make the wallet look the way you like it.

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I just downloaded it and gave it a whirl, worked great!

I placed the file in my zcash/src directory but am still getting the error message that the app needs to be in the same folder as zcashd & zcash-cli.

My zcash directory is in my user directory. Is the binary expecting this or looking for zcash located in the hard drive root.

Right, at the moment the app assumes that you have followed the binary installation instructions from @anon47418038 and will not work if you built from source.

A quick hack around this is to create a /usr/bin folder and put zcashd and zcash-cli there (or symlinks).

Once @anon47418038 finalizes his Mac package I’ll tweak the app to look under /Applications/ZCash

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My binary has it in /usr/local/bin

Here is the list of locations the app checks:

	final String dirs[] = new String[]
		"/usr/bin/", // Typical Ubuntu

You can use ‘pwd’ in the terminal to find the location of the current folder. Then use that to send commands to the zcashd.

The java code already does that, however once bundled ‘pwd’ will return …/ because that’s where the binary launching java is located.

Ultimately I’d like to merge the UI and ZCash into a single app bundle but that’s way down the line

Bump for the new release Release Signed OSX bundle with Splash Screen · zlatinb/zcash-swing-wallet-ui · GitHub

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swing wallet is awesome, too bad I dont have a mac to try this out

its java, it works on mac, linux and windows