ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet


I am working on a ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet as a hobby-type project. It is here: https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui. I think it will fulfill an important function for the community since the first release of ZCash is not planned to have a Desktop GUI wallet (like say bitcoin-qt) - based on information found in forums and publications.

The GUI wallet is already functional and works fine with ZCash v1.0.0-beta1. The project is growing and since I only work on it in some of my spare time, it would be helpful to get some community collaboration. If anyone is interested in contributing to the project, feel free to do so - on GitHub - zcash-swing-wallet-ui.

Update: 29 Oct 2016:

ZCash has been released. The latest version of the ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet has undergone basic tests with it and it works. Users are encouraged to use the latest version - built from source...

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Morning, vaklinov. I'll pass this link to our Zcash miner.


This is awesome! Way to go! I can't wait to try it! :slight_smile:

I'm happy to see that it is truly open source and I hope other open source hackers will jump in to improve it.

Please send me some testcoins

this will be very helpful. when do you expect release?


The ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet has all essential functionality and is believed to be generally stable even now. I would encourage users to go, get it and try it - https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui . It is easy to build IMHO - the document explains how to do it: https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui/blob/master/README.md

My plan for the remaining 2-3 weeks till ZCash release is to fix some known issues (none are critical) and add a few less essential features like backing up and encrypting a wallet, import/export of keys etc. I will also polish the GUI a bit (if I have time). If anyone has a bug to report or a feature request, please use the GitHub issues page for this: https://github.com/vaklinov/zcash-swing-wallet-ui/issues


Hello vaklinov,
Can you say to me what is the rpc port to zcash client?.
Thank you very much.


Working :slight_smile:


I see the 0.1 TAZ I sent you! :slight_smile:


Running in a headless VM Ubuntu machine on a Windows 7 host, displaying in Windows with the help of Xming


Very cool... :wink: The ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet is written in Java so making it run directly on Windows will be a matter of just a few tweaks. Will be done when ZCash also supports Windows.

BTW: You seem to have good mining power! - good luck.


i hate to say this to you but you need to make it appear better. Can someone from forum design a much better logo?


I agree that the UI looks/experience of the ZCash Desktop GUI Wallet can/needs to improve. However I have limited time to work on this project and in the next two weeks it would be best spent delivering essential features and testing... to make sure it is functional even if not very beautiful! Once ZCash is released I hope to spend more time on "beautification".

Meanwhile the original purpose of this forum thread is to invite help by the community :wink:


Love the wallet GUI ! love this community - even ethereum had to wait some time before a wallet gui came out - and even then, heaps of issues (up to now as well). Love the simple and clean interface. Intuitive and most importantly - it works!


now if only cpu standalone miners actually stand a chance to mine a coin on day 1, that would be great


What's wrong with the GUI appearance? I'd hate to see cute, useless, distracting pictures replace data. If I had a complaint now, it would be that the single graphic on it is too big.


I dig it! Looks good :slight_smile:


I can't believe it. I like something that zawy posted - right on, man. :wink:


On a second thought, given the upcoming event (ZCash release) the desktop GUI wallet decided to put on a little makeup - already available on GitHub:


Subtle, but improved. Good call, @vaklinov


Guys I lost all my balance while making transaction of 0.1 and it got all of my balance which I mined for the past 4 days
it suckssssssss


When you spend from a T address the balance "appears to disappear" for 1-2 minutes. Then it comes back - minus what was spent, the remainder is sent to another T address. If your balance is not back by now.... l advise you to try the same operation manually via zcash-cli - I think the result will be the same.

So: is your balance back by now?

The GUI wallet writes to the console the exact form of the z_sendmany command it used to send the money...