ZcashKR for ZCG (December 2022)


I am the person who runs the South Korea community Twitter(@zec97) on Twitter

Although I am in a non-English speaking country, there is a recent
Being ZCG clearly has its advantages.

I have experience running a blog and promoting Zcash
The person who saw it is well known in Korea, but it is true that there is a de facto awareness.
It takes a lot of effort and publicity is important.

Aiming at “changing individual perceptions” and “creating a Korean community
I’ll try my best.

I know a lot that I still lack a lot.
However, it would have been nice if there had been a small change through my efforts.

In 2023, we want to show you this new zcash that has changed.

The part I always think about is Zcash’s position in Asia.
It is known to many, but many do not know exactly what it is.

We will try to overcome this problem

Improved privacy awareness and active efforts to publicize Zcash

The technology of Zcash is really good, but in order to improve the bad perception, Active effort is required

With my efforts and the active activities of many community members, Korea and Asia
I hope the Zcash location will be remembered with good recognition.

What I’m saying is that Zcash’s features are really great, but the perception needs to be improved.
If many Asians actively use Zcash,
Zcash’s Position Will Grow Rapidly

In order to do that, I think that activities in Korea are important.

We do invest We do not invest in improving privacy awareness
To do so, a global ambassador program is needed.
Position in Asia will have to grow
The reason why the Global Ambassador Program is needed is to actively grow Zcash’s position.
We must continuously maintain the Global Ambassador Program.

Korea is currently a country that the world is paying attention to, and it has many talented people.
Helping their Zcash community work
Awareness change is needed through active activities

I will create an environment for the Korean community and position in Asia.
Creating an environment where Koreans can participate in the development of Zcash is important.
is our final goal

I have been aware of Zcash since August 2020.
Encrypted blockchains have been really important to me.
I thought it was one coin that focused on Bitcoin’s individual and individual transactions,
but Unlike other coins, it was important that only Zcash was differentiated.
But Korea has a very bad perception of privacy

Therefore, we thought that efforts to “improve awareness” were necessary.
I am familiar with the economy and investment.
I have read many books about investment psychology.
In addition, I has worked as a member of numerous community operators and has extensive blogging experience.

However, I think my weak point is that there is a lack of points about software.
Also, since they don’t speak English, you may have a lot of trouble.
However, I can turn my weaknesses into strengths, and I chose what I am good at.
“Establishment of Korean Community Environment” “Privacy Awareness”
There are many people in the community who are better than me.

I’m lacking, but the reason I came to ZCG is
It was to suggest the direction of Koreans while I was active as a representative.
Koreans do not know about the difference in privacy.
They do not know the privacy that is important to individuals and their transactions.
Also, since the environment is not built, there is no community ecosystem.
In Korea, there is a portal site called Naver, which is the largest portal site in Korea.
It will create a community environment. However, I thought it was not enough as a global ambassador.
This is why I came to ZCG.
Zcash was delisted from Upbit, the largest exchange in Korea.
Transactions are difficult in Korea, so people don’t know about privacy
The reason was abolished for reasons of “privacy”.
I did not understand and it is listed on the US exchange, but why is it being abolished?
I was curious. Privacy is abhorred by government.

However, in Satoshi’s definition of an individual and an individual, only Zcash is suitable.
At the time, I had no sense of investment, so I suffered a lot of failures.
Now I know a lot about Zcash.
And we will closely examine the improvements to Zcash.
Also, I think the important role of ZCG is to create an environment where many people can gather.
Focused on active marketing
If Korea’s ecosystem grows, various talented people will join the global community and
I thought it would affect the ecosystem.
Of course, I can suggest good programs and I have global ambassadors, so I think it’s enough. You can think of it, but that alone is not enough.

Privacy Goal is Zcash’s Way to Counter Record CBDC
Individuals and businesses will not want this.
Since Zcash has a finite value, it will be suitable for personal transactions.
Zcash is a store of value and a currency that is a security.
Also, what we need to think about is
Everything has its time. according to the halving and economic conditions
All prices rise, but we don’t have much time.

So, we think it is important to build an ecosystem in Korea.
There should be many holders and of Zcash, and feedback should come out.
Zcash grows as the community grows
There has never been a Korean ZCG elected.

My thoughts and views are on Twitter a lot.
Zero-knowledge proofs were a real surprise to me.
I understood that zero-knowledge proofs are essential for person-to-person transactions.
I am investing in Zcash every month and I learned about the value of Zcash
i love zcash

Through my strengths (economy/investment/investment psychology/marketing/community environment establishment)
i think i can help ZCG, Zcash a lot

  • I have never been employed or funded by any entity related to blockchain or digital assets of any kind.
    Not actively participating in other communities
  • As you can see from my Twitter community, I’m adding a functional piece about Zcash every day.
    are announcing The infrastructure of the Korean community must be built.

Thanks for reading this and welcome any questions or comments.

For reference, I don’t speak English, so I don’t think I can make a community call
We ask for the understanding of Zcash community members in this regard.
If you have any questions about me please reply

It’s my weakness that English is difficult, but these days, the translation function is good, so it’s easy to work.
As always thank you Zcash community and members and wish you a nice day


I wish you all the best of luck :slight_smile:


First of all, since I can’t make a community call, I’ll write a separate post.
I will post on the same day :smile: