May 18, 2018 - Weekly update (Community & Communications)

Phew… what a long week it has been!

From the blog…

Since the last community update two weeks ago, we’ve put out several announcements on our blog:

On May 8th, a new empirical analysis of the Zcash blockchain was announced. We wrote about our excitement for the continued research put towards understanding Zcash’s privacy and our commitment to improving those metrics in coming improvements to the protocol.

On May 10th, we announced our investment into Starkware Industries, a company run by Zcash founding scientist who are developing the STARKs proof system.

This past Monday, May 14th, we wrote about the Gemini announcement to support Zcash trading and their approval from NYDFS. This is a huge breakthrough regarding setting regulatory precedent by showing understanding of the fundamental requirements for privacy in finance and payments.

And just a little while ago, [we released](Zcash Company Statement on ASICs - Electric Coin Company] the Zcash Company’s stance on ASICs. Note there was a separate and distinct announcement from the Zcash Foundation.


This week was a big week for the blockchain industry with Consensus 2018 being held in NYC. Zcash Company sponsored 100 student passes for the event, and some of us attended an introductory and networking event with them. On the first day of the conference, both the Gemini listing was announced and Zooko participated in a fireside chat with Dr. Whitfield Diffie.

On Wednesday Zooko joined CoinDesk live for a Q+A session and we hosted a livestream with Zcash advisor, Joseph Bonneau about Hostile blockchain takeovers.

We gave a talk at the NYC Women in Blockchain meetup and also took a quick trip down right after Consensus to DC to present at their Blockchain Users meetup.

Zcon0 & the Foundation

We’re continuing to send out letters to applicants of Zcon0. If you haven’t fill out the form yet and are interested in joining us in Montreal this Summer, definitely consider doing so ASAP. We’re also putting the final touches on the schedule and hope to release it soon!

That’s all for this week! Next week marks the end of the 3rd and final sprint of the release cycle so we’ll be back with dev updates for you then, in the meantime check out last week’s dev update.