November 16, 2018 - Weekly Update (Community + Comms)

This is our fortnightly community and communications update; for the latest news on the engineering front check out last week’s update.

Zooko presented at DevCon4 about “Privacy for Everyone,” which shared his perspectives and various developments in zero-knowledge proof systems. A livestream of his presentation is available via this link at 1:41:37; this is a link to the presentation slides.

From the blog

This week’s feature outlined our three strategic priorities ahead of the release of our operational roadmap, which is coming soon! Relatedly, we posted to the forum some initial thoughts on the 2019 network upgrade, Blossom.

A policy update was published regarding Zcash’s defense against counterfeiting in shielded pools.

Zcash engineer, Ariel Gabizon, announced an independent proof of security, conducted by Mary Maller, for reinforcing the Sapling MPC.

We introduced ten new team members, including Andy Murray as Chief Financial Officer, and David Campbell as Chief Operating Officer. We also bid a fond farewell to Hugh Kahn and Jay Graber, who have moved on to new pursuits.


This weekend Daira Hopwood, Zcash Company Engineer and Protocol Designer, will be speaking at the Zero-Knowledge Proof workshop at King’s College London (KCL).

On November 1st, Josh Cincinnati, Executive Director of the Zcash Foundation, also presented at DevCon4. His talk was about "Unscrambling an Egg: Decentralization and the Zcash Foundation."

On November 5th, Josh Swihart (@jswihart), VP of Marketing and Business Development, was a panelist at DC Fintech Week, Crypto Assets: New Developments.


The 2018 Cloudflare Internet Summit in San Francisco featured Zcash CTO, Nathan Wilcox, and Interstellar’s CEO, Adam Ludwin, about “Cryptocurrencies: What Are They Good For?”


That’s quite an influx of new talent - nice to see!