Meet MNT5 team

“Wrong place” was the major response to “volunteering research” message in April.
This part is about snark-related research quality that may pop up around.

In the message attached (mbox), we have a manager
being sure to confirm volunteering status “without any agreement with us” and
giving a task to a third person to write a review pronto “just one page”.
The major idea is “whatever before 14:30”.
It was turned (translated) into report in my name with MNT5 inside.
Nobody dares to argue the big boss, or maybe just happy with MNT5 and volunteers around.
This is how far company loyalty would go here.

It was not always that jazz-and-rock-n-roll.
Yuri Bespalov produced a great tutorial covering relevant algebraic geometry topics,
in particular gaps in exUSSR curriculum.
I would be unable to reproduce (calculate) Hilbert polynomial without talking to him.
Thank you Yuri, it was very helpful.

Anna Nelasa shared her experience with hyperelliptic curves and divisors to make me fluent “from inside C++”,
it was very helpful at early steps.

A short notice on hash-to-curve was agreed to get published at ATIT (Kiev State U),
a talk was given, and then, you know,
you cant redeem the standard IEEE latex template at an IEEE conference,
just copy it into our word system.
This is how we were making some progress.
vf_atit19_swu.pdf (93.3 KB) vf_atit19_sudoku.pdf (146.0 KB) MNT5-report.pdf (32.7 KB)