Miner- Claymore's Zcash Miner

very nice so far.
you deserve the fee!

AWESOME. Just when I was finally gonna cave in and switch to Linux :smiley:
Getting 45-48 on my RX 470's and total sols just went K for me :smiley:
For people with RX 470/480's this miner likes Tighter timings more than overclocks. Adjust accordingly.

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Awesome, thanks for the info - Much better Sol rate for me:

4x rx 480 oc, win 10

mantep, hajaaaaar :v:

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Damn still nothing good. I am getting OpenCL error #101 - -61
I'm assuming it is because my cards are TeraScale gen cards. Any chance you'll be adding any type of support for them soon? Catalyst is the same but I'm assuming drivers are different.

THE BEST ! Has been waiting for a stable GPU miner for Windows 10... Looks very impressive. Hats off to Claymore!! Beaten other miners by far!

Getting 41+ H/s on RX 480 8GB Stock settings!
Getting 32+ H/s on R9 380 4GB
Getting 52+ H/s on R9 390X 8GB

Many Thanks to Claymore Team!

Nice. But genoil with 2 instances and oc settings run the same sols (50-65) on my 390. So hoping to see some improvements in time.

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Please, don't post incomplete stats...

Let's follow a standard "Card model, Driver version, OS version" (and clocks if OC) standard
so we can have a nice reference for the miner!

I am running it currently on my Tahiti cards and will post as soon as I get a 30min average...


From: cl.h

How much RAM does your card have? I think 2GB is min

i got (all stock clocks, all win8.1x64, all 16.9 or latest):

Sapphire 7870: 26 Sol
Asus 280: 40 Sol
XFX 7970 DD: 42 Sol
Sapphire 290x Tri-X-OC: 49-50 Sol

That's great!

Thanks for reporting your complete rig config!!!

If you guys want more speed. Hack your memory straps for the Tahiti GPUs.

For hawai also possible? And how?

what is "tight mem strap"?

Can you link a guide to flash the cards ?

2 x Sapphire Radeon HD 6970 2GB.
Catalyst 15.7.1 not 15.12 like I thought.
Driver 15.20.1062.1004
Win 10
i7 - 6700

Do your 6970 work with Claymore miner???

See this link for memory strap modifications

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No just Tahiti

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