Just a question

Hey guys I'm totally new to mining I have been using minergate to mine ETH but what I'm wondering I have been reading about this nice hash miner can it be used to mine zcash I also am using a Radeon xfx 7950 GPU any help getting me going will be awesome thanks guys

Yes you can mine it, you will get 40Sol/s

So just setup the nice hash miner and go from there or what looking for a little more guidance and support thanks though adaseb

Nicehash miner is slower. Download Claymore ZCASH miner instead. And point to a pool, you can use Nicehash pool even

Yeah, with V2 of Claymore, you can get up to 50 hashes on 7970

Cool will do thanks alot

One more thing any ideas on the best GPU to use I'm only getting 40 Sol/s planning on making a purchase