Claymore Zcash miner

Today I tried existing miners, I don’t like their stability and speed.
Ok, I will release first version of my ZCash miner very soon. AMD only.
Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v15.0 (Windows/Linux)


will have decent 280x AMD support i assume? :slight_smile:

Finally it comes soon. Nice, thanks Claymore !

Windows or Linux???

Very good news indeed!

Can’t wait. So frustrated with the other miners (and pools).

Using your miner on ETH and very solid. So hopefully same thing with ZEC.

you have to wait more for now

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thats gonnab e a frist good miner.

but we need also good pools that really pay…

Just keep calm and mine with Genoil`s ZEC , and dont forget to tip him boys.

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