Miner- [NiceHash] Zcash CPU/GPU for Linux and Windows


rx480 ubuntu 16.0.4, but we still need some time before you can run it safely.


I ran the cpu miner for a while and noticed it was at 100% for a while then would drop out and restart again.

I think its overheating, how do i set it to use less cpu power? Say 85%?



I'm caring more about CPU - the source to the binary miner NH has put out.


Decrease threads by command -t


yep, still not bad just over 20sol/s.

You think its worth going down the cpu path or sticking to GPU's?


45.7 Sol/s with one R9 Nano
39.6 Sol/s with one RX 480"

For AMD this one looks to be sweet


cool, so we can expect AMD GPUs to be added by Friday?



Can somone explain how to get this installed?


it s just algo implementation, not miner


I highly doubt an amd gpu miner will be ready for launch


I see, well I guess im waiting then.


if you have rx480s or r9 nanos lying around, then of course pile it on. but if you dont, those cards are overpriced at the moment. i would wait to see what the cost benefit is after genesis to see if worthwhile.


It's for linux unfortunately... I don't wont my eyes to be red again with Linux because of strange problems, broken dependencies, reading the manuals and soon... I'm too old for such an... adventures...


Someone will hack it together for windows aswell is my guess.


Agree with you man, going to mine from a pc and hang back the first few days to see whats happening.


trolloniex, can I damage my cpu if its constantly using 100%?


If your temps are in check and you aren't overclocking life expectancy is roughly the same as what it would be not doing much.

DO NOT mine on a laptop.


Thanks man.

Any program to view temp and what would be a safe temp please?

Yes only on a pc, not a laptop.


What CPU ? (20 char limit)


i7 4770 (hehe good idea)