NVIDIA GTX 970 = 50 Sol/s

Who would like to have such miner?

NVIDIA is simply much better for Equihash than AMD. Fact. :slight_smile:

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What are the clocks and power limit? Are you going to distribute this one, what is the distribution model?

The GTX 1070 sols/sec post of every day, a bit spammy, isn’t it? You should try another ways of marketing, it’s a bit annoying. :sweat_smile:

1366/3000, 73% TDP

I am not sure what to do with it (yet), but first, I need to check speed on Pascal. I have a feeling it may really fly there…

The GTX 1070 sols/sec post of every day, a bit spammy, isn’t it? You should try another ways of marketing, it’s a bit annoying. :sweat_smile:

I really have this working, it is not some voodoo magic like with other spam posts.

But you tell me, how would you like to see this miner? Sell to some big farm? With dev fee? Fund raiser? Released to the public with no obligations?

Obviously people would prefer to have everything for free. But if it’s actually working then a small devfee would be fine with me.

I Believe a 2.5% devfee is the going rate :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its hard to tell - but nvidia community is definitely is a bit depressed. After so much controversial episodes around ZEC in general and nvidia in particular - you can aid nv guys - its up to you - people will definitely appreciate if it will be friendly (not that you won’t make anything for yourself - but fee is one way, donation is the other way, maybe private but available to people to buy relatively cheap)

dev fee or small donation to get miner. I’d pay - let me know! I can test on windows and lnux with 1070s and 1080s. email me at jiggytom@gmail.com

There is plenty of nvidia cards waiting on something like that to show up. If you can provide shown above hashrate , id say people will use it en masses , and dev-fee is totaly fine , if miner performs.

The AMD folks want you to never release it publicly.

Dev fee would be just fine. Would love this.

donations like most nice people do :slight_smile:
silent army is hitting 45+ on a 1070 now so I’m sure that will get improved with time …
I think its best to release it ASAP if its working so peope start using it and you get your donations

else Dev fee 1% seems fair as long as it out-performs any other mine

if you do a fund raiser by the time its done better or just as good miners might be avaiable and free (with optional donations)

50 Sol/s on a 970 means ~100Sol/s on Titan X / 1070 /1080

Did you use CUDPP’s Radix sort?

So, one more NVidia miner was sold to private hands?

FAKE! Unless proven with code working, and if closed source/binary only after sandbox analysis that its not malware. Als others must confirm these speeds, this topic is imflatory at best

If you have something working the provide a release with a devfee so people can see. IMHO this is just another faking bragger topic … everyone can create some ‘echo lines’ or faked screenshot!

Its a NEW user, sounds familiar like other posts!



It was sold to NiceHash and will soon be in a miner for masses :slight_smile:


If thats the case then i am glad!

Seems your account is legit, so ill take you on your word for now. Any ETA on publication as well on providing Windows binary’s?

Thnx a lot nicehashdev. We are waiting for you miner update.
What is real hashrate for 1070 with this new code?

My Titan Xs are warming up for 100H/s + :sunglasses: