Miner Signaling for Dev Fund Discussion 2024

How about adding a switch in miners nodes so they can “signal” their support for a devfund ?


Already exists and was used last time we had the dev fund discussion:

Not a single miner/pool took advantage of it though, not sure why.


@Shawn is right; however, I believe there was one small pool, Luxor, that did signal, though I might be misremembering. Regardless, @ZcashDeFi makes a good point that we should try to reach out to miners again to gauge their sentiment about potentially renewing the Dev Fund.

@pacu and I are in Telegram groups with most the major mining pools, so we might be able to help with communications. Also, I recently received feedback that the instructions to miners were unclear last time, so we should refine our communication to encourage more participation.


Maybe a multiple choice question?

Are you as a Zcash Miner in favor of a new Dev Fund of 20% of mining rewards?
A. In favor
B. Not in favor but I’ll keep mining ZEC
C. Not in favor and I’d consider not mining anymore


According to the ZF post none did, but that doesn’t mean they would not be interested this time.

We would need to pick a set number of blocks/heights/timeframe for them to use the OP code if they want to signal.


@Dodger - Last time, the Zcash Foundation invited miners to express their views about the Dev Fund. Does ZF plan to lead this process again? As mentioned above, we can help with outreach.


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No but please don’t interpret that as an indication that we’re not interested in hearing miners’ input! We’ve just had very little success in engaging with miners (e.g. on Zebra migration). With limited resources, we have to prioritize our efforts.

If someone else would like to reach out to miners and collate the results, we’d be very interested in seeing the results.


I’m happy to help lead this effort. I’ll begin initial outreach to major mining pools early next week.

If anyone from ECC or ZF would like to assist in creating a how-to guide for pools and miners, please reach out to me. Thanks!


Update: Earlier this week, I reached out to ViaBTC, Antpool, F2Pool, and Luxor. Together, these mining pools comprise approximately 90% of the total hashrate for Zcash. I informed them that the Dev Fund is set to expire in late 2024, and the community is discussing whether to renew it or allocate 100% of the block reward to miners. I also said that we want miners to participate in this discussion and plan to schedule an OP_RETURN poll for miners to signal their views.

So far, only ViaBTC has responded. They stated that the pool would not take a stand on the Dev Fund, as they are neutral and their role is to provide a platform for miners. They also indicated that it is not possible for miners to signal an OP_RETURN output to a coinbase transaction because most, if not all, of their miners use a standard block template. Additionally, ViaBTC will not express opinions on behalf of miners, and even if they did, there would be no way for us to ensure that the view they express actually represents the collective view of their individual miners. However, ViaBTC did offer to send an email to all Zcash miners in their pool with a link to the Zcash Community Forum to encourage them to participate in discussions about the Dev Fund.

Given ViaBTC’s feedback about the limitations on individual miners signaling via OP_RETURN output, it is not surprising that no mining pools participated in the sentiment poll in 2019. I will continue to reach out to other mining pools and explore other viable ways to obtain miner sentiment.


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The main goal for miners is to have $ income higher than expenses. If this not work they will stop mining ZEC.

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