Mining Farm Investment

I am a small farm owner with 4000 s/s and been working in computer industry for 20 years, I am looking for someone who is looking for an investment opportunity in zcash mining and would like to share there own farm with me, my thought are to find a investor to invest in farm and run with shared ownership and profits I will run the farm and take care of hardware and software optimisation, both parties will have access to our zcash wallet and all mining stats to keep track of progress while mining, i have 20 rx 480 and hardware to start with and investor investment would be used to buy more hardware to start mining large scale,Farm will be linked up with cctv for 24/7 monitoring for investor and I will be there keeping everything running smoothly every day,investor will make investment for hardware and any future upgrades will be funded from profits from farm I will take care of everything and decisions will only be made if both parties agree,won't go into to much details as this is just to gauge interest and all decisions will be worked out with interested party

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What country you located ? Elec price ?

I am in Scotland so nice and cold, as mining farm will be a business will get better deal on electricity, I have sent a request for energy quote and waiting reply from company that submits cheapest offer.

Price of electric is not the best at 0.10 kw but believe it can work! I believe in zcash and the future price should pickup making a good investment.

Do you mind me asking, what are the reasons you believe zcash price might be going up in the near future?

Sorry for the off topic question. The reason I ask is I'm trying to make sense from other people that might be smarter than me of what to make. Taking arguments from both the bulls and the bears and try to make an informed decision.

No problem I predict zcash will be adopted by darknet using z addy for privacy in short term followed by wide spread adoption from market sellers and eventually big internet shops will integrate zcash as a payment method,big money movers will use zcash to get round tax issues and move money around the world while traders will stock up on zcash in hopes it overtake bitcoin,with the attention bitcoin is receiving from IRS zcash stands a great chance of adoption. I listen and read on forums about miners complaining about the price and switching to ethereum for profit but for me the value is in holding for long term probably next 2 to 3 years so price at moment has no baring on my decision to mine and keep,I believe it's a good time to invest also,these are just my thoughts and many others will feel different

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cool,. i might go visit Guo Chandlers farm soon, would you like to see a virutal tour of it?

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Very much so cryptomined I would be very interested in seen that.

cool, i will let you know when/if I get a chance to visit it, its very far away so would be a few days trip

I might put my 7000 Sol/s farm up for this

That's interesting mixmaster it's not what I had in mind but It could be possible if we have enough hash power to start with to enable us to scale up with profits, I have all rx 480 8G nitro +oc and xfx gtr black edition with couple of furys

Fantastic looking forwards to it will be a good reference for me thanks


Old thread, but.. let me know if you are still looking for investment.
Based in Scotland also.