Mining memory requirements doesn't match specifications

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’ve set up a VM mining node under Ubuntu with 8 virtual cores CPU (host have the same) and 4Gb memory

It was written that memory requirement is 700 Mb per core.

However, my virtual machine uses just 2 Gb memory from 4Gb (including OS) and swap is 100% free.

In theory zcashd should use 8x700Mb=5600Mb

Is that OK?

PS: Mining works, I mined 2 blocks so far

Unless you’ve changed the genproclimit in your configuration file, you’re probably mining with one core.

Thank you!

Does speed increase linear with amount of cores?

Or 8 cores give less than 8x performance?

Strange, I set genproclimit, mining eats much more memory, cpu load = 700%, however benchmark when gen=0 still works on 1 core and cpu load =100%.

used benckmark:
~/zcash/src/zcash-cli zcbenchmark solveequihash 10

Solve Equihash runs by default on a single thread, you can add more with a thread argument:

time solveequihash NUM_ITERS [NUM_THREADS]

More info here: How do i check my hashrate? - #40 by daira

LOL! 4 cores were 2 times slower than 1 core. 120sec vs 50 sec averages

The proof of work used by the Zcash miner is designed to consume memory bandwidth so that a system’s memory bandwidth becomes the limiting factor rather than the system’s processors. Beyond one or two cores, extra cores are just competing for a resource that isn’t available.

The multithread benchmark does not work. Just check 1 thread.