Is zcashd reasonable as CPU only miner?

I run zcashd CPU mining with 32 treads (~13.5 Sol/s) for 10 hours now, but the balance is still 0.00000000. Is this how it is supposed to be? Do i need to switch to a third party miner even if i use no GPU’s?

My zcash.conf is:

You probably should switch to a pool. The odds are against you with that low of a rate. What kind of CPU system do you have that has 32 threads?

maybe a sparq?

I’m just a newb here, but pretty sure that the memory is a limiting factor for CPU mining.

I get with my i7 6700k around the 30sol/s.

not sure where I saw it, but you need to run your cpu at around the 75% to get the most sol/s.
and with some miners it’s better to just use the actual amount of cores and not the amount of threads.