Benchmarking results question


I run some benchmarks on Ubuntu VPS with Hyper-V. The CPU is i7-6700K.

With 1 virtual processor and 8Gb ram I get the best results (26,5 - Avg Time Solve Equihash 10)

With 4 processors and 8Gb ram it get little worse (28,3)

With 8 processors and 8Gb ram it gets even more worse (31).

Is this normal? If yes - does it means that it is better for mining zcash to run 8 VPS with single virtual processor than one VPS with 8 processors?


That’s a good CPU but don’t confuse threads with cores. It has four cores with two threads per core (I think of threads as a means of reducing the overhead of task switching but they don’t offer additional processing beyond that). So trying to run more mining instances than there available cores won’t help with mining performance.

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what is the name of VPS where u mine/?

if it is not a joke - name of the VPS is zcash, it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

Hello noefekts,

You can observe the results at:
I also read your interesting thoughts done words written. Then I tried a bit to get the best
result at benchmark 20 possible with my computers.
Thank you very much by indicate to us the correct way. The best regards.