Mining Pool on port 443 (or 80)

Hi. I have been looking for a ZEC Mining Pool on SSL Port 443, or alt on HTTP Port 80. I want to mine in a location where Firewall only allows these 2 ports.

Anyone knows about a pool with this feature?


you could do this yourself. Rent yourself a cheap VPS server, run linux on it, then run netcat.

Running netcat as root on the VPS, listen on port 443. Then connect to the mining pool on whatever port you want to. Here is an example on how to pipe data from one port to another on a linux box:

Using a named pipe makes it work: $ mkfifo backpipe $ nc -l 8082 0<backpipe | nc remote_host 80 1>backpipe


It is working!

It was not that simple since Ports 80 and 443 were not allowed to go via the Firewall (I am assuming that was because the information in them were not typical HTTP or HTTPS). I then tried Port 21 and it worked perfectly fine since it is open for FTP commands and probably a lot more relaxed in the Firewall inspections.

Thank you very much for the guidance.

I was not aware at all how simple nc could listen to a port, and then pipe data to the proper

My final command, since I am using port 21 for the local input, and 3333 for the mining pool, is:

$ nc -k -l 21 0<backpipe | nc poolipaddress 3333 1>backpipe

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Glad to hear you got it working!

i cant get it to work for flypool but it can reroute me to any domain