Mining power auction | RX 470 | 30 sol/s | 30/60 days | from 0.9$/sol/s

Hey guys!

I decided to sell the hashpower of my RX 470, it has 30+ Sol/s (pay for 30 sol/s) using Claymore’s miner v1.1.
So if you don’t want to mess with hardware, you don’t like the noise and electricity bill, but want some Zcash, it’s a good option for you, much cheaper than Genesis-Mining.

It’s an auction, take offers in comments or take it with fixed price! :wink:
Please use this format:

  • number of days
  • your bid in $ / sol / 30 days

What I offer:

  • full management of hardware
  • 30/60 day rental
  • auction starts at 0.9$/sol/30days OR fixed price: 2.7$/sol/30days, if you want it right now
  • I try my best for 100% up-time, but some minutes of down-time is possible (restarts, updates, etc.)
  • refund: 50% below 97% up-time; 100% below 95% up-time at end of renting time
  • mining directly to your wallet on flypool / nanopool / nicehash / miningpoolhub

If you would like to use other mining software during the 30/60 days, I do the upgrades for free (at reasonable number of times, of course :slight_smile: ).

I accept only bitcoin.

Duration of auction: 48 hours from now.

Happy auctioning! :slight_smile: